See the Best New Saddle Hunting Gear From the 2024 ATA Show

The 2024 Archery Trade Association show wrapped up last weekend in St. Louis and several manufacturers released exciting new saddle hunting gear. 

In this article, we take a look at a few of the top new innovative products introduced there that promise to enhance your saddle hunting experience. If you see any we missed, be sure to drop us a message in the comments below!

The new Tethrd Workhorse platform on display.

Trophyline HyperLite Gear

Probably the most hyped new saddle hunting gear from the 2024 ATA show was Trophyline’s new HyperLite climbing sticks and platform. Made from a new proprietary Magnite™ material, the new line promises superior strength with less weight than aluminum or carbon. 

The climbing sticks offer a flat-stacking, one-piece design with a quick and easy attachment method and ample foot room at just 17 ounces each. Retail price on the new HyperLite climbing sticks is $449 for a four pack. 

The HyperLite platform weighs in around two pounds with a generous 12” x 12” platform that provides plenty of foot room. Retail price on the HyperLite platform is $299.

Tethrd GRIT Series Gear

Not to be outdone, Tethrd created some buzz of their own at the ATA Show with the release of their new GRIT line of products that will be available only through brick-and-mortar retailers. 

The line includes Tethrd’s new Workhorse series, which includes a saddle kit, climbing sticks and platform geared towards new saddle hunters looking to give saddle hunting a try without breaking the bank.

Retail pricing on the new Workhorse series will be:

  • Workhorse Saddle Kit (with tether, lineman rope and back band) $299
  • Workhorse Platform $175 for regular, $185 for XL
  • Workhorse Climbing Sticks (4-pack) $199

In addition to their new GRIT line, Tethrd also announced they’ll be offering their premium UltraLock saddle (formerly known as the Lockdown) without the permanently affixed gear bags. That eliminates one of the few complaints we heard about that saddle. 

Out on a Limb Mfg

Out on a Limb Mfg, known for their Shikar climbing sticks and minimalist platforms, introduced a couple of new one sticks, including the Plain Jane and the Pinch Point. 

As the name implies, the Plain Jane is a bare bones basic one stick. It only comes in a 16-inch length and weighs just over 3 pounds. The top platform is 13 ⅜” x 7 ⅞” and the bottom platform is 9 ½”  x 4 ⅛”.

The Plain Jain retails for $219.98

The Pinch Point is a premium one stick offering that features a unique design that allows a big portion of the top step to flip up out of the way. It’s offered in 12”, 14” and 16” lengths and weighs just under 5 pounds. The top platform offers plenty of foot room at approximately 14” x 10” and the bottom step is 9 ½” x 4 ⅛”.

The Pinch Point retails for $362.98

OOAL also released their new Anchor System for mounting cam cleats on climbing sticks that centralizes the attachment point on the stick and reduces the chance of kickouts. It weighs just 2 ounces, and retails for $34.95 each.


Novix introduced their new Raider Saddle Platform and Raider Hybrid Treestand at the ATA show.

The saddle platform provides 14.5” x 14.5” of footroom, weighs 4 pounds, and is rated for 300 pounds. The all aluminum platform is made in the USA and will retail for $189.99

The hybrid treestand is a unique design that offers a roomy platform and a very small seat to be able to sit down while saddle hunting. The platform is 22.5” x 16.375” and weighs 8 pounds. It will retail for $299.99.   

Product images of the Novix saddle platform and hybrid treestand.


Brand new to the saddle hunting, TreeStyx created some buzz among saddle hunters with their 1 pound climbing sticks with built-in aiders. With four of the 20-inch sticks and the included raiders, a hunter should be able to reach 20 feet. The sticks feature plenty of foot room, easy stacking, and carbon reinforced polymer brackets. No word yet on the retail price of these sticks.

Latitude Accessories

Latitude released their new Carbon SS climbing sticks and Rebel platform prior to deer season, so new releases at the ATA show were reserved for some of their saddle hunting accessories. These include two new bow hangers, updated knee pads, and a cool glow-in-the-dark grip tape for their Carbon SS climbing sticks.

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