Tethrd’s New GRIT Series Saddle Hunting Gear

At the 2024 Archery Trade Association show, several companies unveiled new mobile deer hunting products. However, none generated as much buzz as Tethrd’s new GRIT line of saddle hunting gear.

A graphic featuring Tethrd's new GRIT Workhorse saddle hunting gear.

The GRIT series was designed to provide saddle hunters with high quality gear at an affordable price point that they can try and buy from local retailers. 

“GRIT is a whole new section of saddle hunting equipment focused toward the guys who get their hands dirty,” said Tethrd co-owner Ernie Power. “You’re the guys who are out there making the world work, and you shouldn’t have to be punished by an entry barrier of cost to get into saddle hunting.”

The GRIT series includes three key pieces of saddle hunting gear:

Workhorse Saddle$299
Workhorse Platform$175 regular
$185 XL
Workhorse Climbing Sticks$199
TOTAL COST$673-683

Workhorse Saddle

Product image of the Tethrd GRIT Workhorse hunting saddle.

The Workhorse is a great-looking single-panel saddle with no shortage of great features. It’s built with the same quality you’ve come to expect from Tethrd gear. The saddle comes in two sizes  — regular and XL — and is available in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Realtree APX. 

It comes with built-in pockets on each side, plenty big enough to hold your ropes, rangefinder, archery release, headlamp, or any other hunting gear you may need with you in the tree.

The Workhorse saddle features raptor buckles and a Dynalite bridge, and comes with the necessary tether and lineman’s ropes, carabiners, as well as a back band.

The Workhorse saddle will retail for $299. 

Workhorse Platform

Product image of the Tethrd GRIT Workhorse platform.

The Workhorse platform looks very similar to Tethrd’s extremely popular Predator platform, but with an updated antler bracket. It will be offered in a regular and XL size. Tethrd hasn’t released any size or weight specs yet, but I would expect they will be very similar to the corresponding Predator and Predator XL counterparts. Unlike the Predator, though, preliminary photos seem to indicate the Workhorse platform will come painted or dipped. 

The regular Workhorse platform will retail for $175 and the XL $185.

Workhorse Climbing Sticks

Product image of Tethrd's new GRIT climbing sticks.

While I expect the entire GRIT line will do well, I really think Tethrd is going to sell a pile of their new Workhorse climbing sticks. They remind me of a cross between Tethrd One and XOP’s X2 sticks. 

Like the One sticks, they feature Tethrd’s patented Dynalite tab and rope connection method. I believe it’s the lightest, fastest and quietest climbing stick connection system on the market. 

The Workhorse sticks have large standoffs that make for plenty of foot room on the dual steps, and they neatly stack using the same StickLoc pin system used on One sticks. 

Tethrd has not officially released the weight of these sticks.

The Workhorse climbing sticks have a retail price of $199 for a four-pack.

Final Thoughts

Another unique aspect of the Tethrd GRIT series is that it will only be available through retailers, not directly from Tethrd. This should help build Tethrd’s retailer base, which in turn means better opportunities for would-be saddle hunters to try out gear first-hand before purchasing. It’s a win-win for Tethrd and retailers.

“GRIT is a great way to get started,” said Tethrd co-owner Greg Godfrey. “You can find it in your local retailer, you can test it out in your bow shops, and wherever you buy your gear normally, you can get your GRIT gear there.”

Tethrd has said the GRIT series of gear should be available this summer. There will be more details to come, as far as specific weights and finishes, but it’s already obvious this is going to be a homerun for Tethrd. It’s also going to be a win for new saddle hunters, as they gain access to top-notch gear in a simple, affordable package.

Learn more about Tethrd’s new GRIT gear, including where to get yours, at GritGear.com.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Tethrd GRIT saddle hunting gear over in our Mobile Deer Hunter forums.

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