Brian Grossman

Brian Grossman is the founder and editor-in-chief of Get Outdoors South. Brian uses his wildlife degree and experience hunting, fishing, and working for state wildlife agencies to write content focused on state hunting and fishing information and regulations, deer and turkey hunting strategy, as well as the newest hunting craze — saddle hunting.


  • Expertise and interests: public land hunting, bowhunting, turkey hunting, saddle hunting, and fishing for whatever is biting.
  • Other publication experience: managing editor of Quality Whitetails magazine, and contributor to Kentucky Game & Fish, Kentucky Outdoors, Georgia Outdoors News, North American Whitetail, Realtree,, onX Hunt, and more.


Brian began fishing with his dad at a young age and quickly became fascinated with all things outdoors. At the age of 13, he began hitting the woods with an old bolt-action Stevens 20-gauge shotgun in pursuit of squirrels. A year later, he got his first bow — a Pearson Renegade — which quickly ignited his passion for archery and bowhunting. While success without a hunting mentor didn’t come quickly or easily, it only pushed Brian to study and learn everything he could about being a good woodsman and hunter

That passion for hunting and the outdoors eventually led to a Bachelor’s degree and career in wildlife management. While he enjoyed managing public hunting lands for a state wildlife agency, Brian’s desire to be more involved in the hunting industry led him to begin writing freelance outdoor articles, building hunting-related websites, and eventually producing an outdoor television show, Poor Boys Outdoors.

The experience gained from his outdoor writing, website management and social media opened the door to serving as the Communications Manager for the Quality Deer Management Association, which has since become the National Deer Association. In 2022, Brian was promoted to the Director of Communications, where he continues to serve full-time.

When he’s not working for the NDA or spending time with family, he’s likely hunting, fishing, or working on his outdoor media company, Get Outdoors South.


Bachelor’s Degree in wildlife biology from Murray State University in western Kentucky.


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