The author standing on the edge of a Tethrd Predator XL saddle hunting platform.

Tethrd Predator and Predator XL Platform Review

In my three years of saddle hunting, I’ve tried a wide variety of equipment. But the one piece that has remained constant is my platform — the Tethrd Predator XL. I figured with the countless hours I’ve spent on that platform, it was time to sit down and write a formal review on it.  

Product image of the Tethrd Predator XL platform.

Tethrd Predator/Predator XL

The Predator is the OG of modern saddle hunting platforms. It’s a relatively lightweight option (3 lbs or 4 lbs for XL), that when seated properly, is rock solid on the tree.

The sub-$200 price tag makes it a great mid-priced option. Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with the platform.

How We Tested

Aside from three years of hands-on experience using the Tethrd Predator XL for hunting, we made sure to put it through specific testing for the purpose of this article. We tested it on a variety of heavy bark and slick trees of all sizes.

We looked at what it takes to ensure the platform is rock solid on each tree, and how much the stand flexes under normal use. We also tested its quietness and platform grip (do your feet slip on the platform?)

A hand tightening the strap on a Predator XL platform.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight at 3 pounds
    (4 pounds for XL)
  • Ample foot room
  • Rock solid when properly seated
  • Adjustable leveling in tree
  • Good grip on top and sides
  • Unfinished aluminum
  • Large metal buckle on strap can make a lot of noise during setup if you’re not super careful. 
  • No angled edges on the platform for maximum foot comfort


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With three full seasons of testing under my belt now, I can say the Tethrd Predator XL has been a great platform. At 4 pounds, it’s not the lightest one on the market, but it provides a great blend of foot room and stability for the weight. 

I wear a size 12 and wanted the ability to turn around and stand on the platform to make a weak side shot when needed, so a roomy platform was a must for me. The Predator XL provides that, and the grips on the top and sides of the platform allow you to maneuver around it as needed without slipping.

Another critical factor for any saddle hunting platform is rock-solid stability, and the Predator has that when set up correctly. 

The author's feet properly toe-hooking the platform to the tree.
When properly toe-hooked on the tree, the Tethrd Predator XL is rock solid.

When I first started using the platform, I didn’t know how to properly “toe hook” it, so I often hunted with the teeth at the top of the post not firmly against the tree. It still never kicked out on me, but it did have some give like that.

Once I figured out that I needed to strap the platform to the tree, and while it was still folded up, put weight on top of the post to seat the saddle down into position, and then fold the platform down after that, I never had any issues. That left the entire platform post extremely snug against the tree, and locked in tight.

The Predator XL platform is pretty big, so it does have some flex to it when standing on the corners, but it’s not enough to cause any issues or to make me feel unsafe in any way. 

The author standing on the Predator XL platform facing out from the tree.
The Tethrd Predator XL is roomy enough to stand on, even when facing away from the tree for a weak-side shot.

At the end of the day, the only two changes I would make to the platform are the incorporation of some type of buckless strap system to avoid the current heavy, noisy buckle. And I would like to see some type of low-sheen finish on the platform as opposed to the shiny, unfinished aluminum. 

I can’t say that a deer has ever busted me due to the aluminum finish, but it just doesn’t seem right on hunting gear, and for $199, I don’t feel like you should have to paint it yourself.

Platform Specs

PredatorPredator XL
12"x13"x3" platform13"x16.25"x3.25" platform
Weighs 3 poundsWeighs 4 pounds
300-pound weight rating300-pound weight rating
$189.99 MSRP$209.99 MSRP
The Predator XL platform sitting on a scale, showing a total weight of 4.6 pounds.
The Predator XL is advertised at 4 pounds. The author's platform tips the scales at 4.6 pounds due to the addition of paracord and Stealth Strips.

Should You Buy the Tethrd Predator?

The Tethrd Predator XL is a great platform for someone who prefers plenty of footroom and rock-solid stability at a decent weight and moderate price point. If you’re more concerned with overall weight than foot room, then you can always opt for the standard Predator model, or go with one of the lighter (and likely more expensive) models on the market. 

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